Feasts, inside and out


134529808_migun-jade-akupunkt-thermal-massage-liege-neu-ab-mtl-98Ah yes, Thanksgiving. Truly the best holiday. All about delicious foods and the rich relationships of family and friends. What could be more important? This year, the awesomeness of the holiday was even further extended by the surprise jacuzzi we found in our hotel room (the last room available at the Red Roof Inn, their “Queen Deluxe”), the relaxing Migun beds we enjoyed Friday morning (Migun is Korean for “beautiful health.” It was a 32 minute massage where we experienced heated jade balls that ran up and down our spine and our legs, all the bladder meridians in acupuncture), the old photos we discovered and the memories they generated (that’s my dad and me 57 years ago).

Feasts of thanksgiving, inside and out.IMG_9912

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  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    A WARM

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