Diagramming the heart


In class today, we actually did some grammar. Another teacher in our school does diagramming of sentences and the kids were curious exactly what that was. I’m not a big fan of diagramming, which always seems to help the kids who really don’t need the help. This skill seems to further confuse the kids who really could use support around the structure of a sentence and the undertanding of the parts of speech. Nonetheless, due to their curiosity, we began the plunge into this visual representation of a sentence. The students generally seemed to get the hang of it, at least in its simplest form. I will introduce more complex exercises tomorrow.

I was in my room during lunch today and a student who is in my morning class brought me a plastic bag filled with caramels he and some of his peers had made in home economics. There were notes of gratitude inside the bag along with the sweet treats. My favorite was from one of my students newly introduced to diagramming (see above). Though he still has a way to go in refining his understanding of diagramming, he certainly has creatively understood the diagram of my heart. He has also understood how to make a pretty terrific caramel.

The diagrammed sentences read: You are a wonderful teacher. You earned eight caramels. Thank you for everything.

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1 Response to Diagramming the heart

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    YOU ROCK!!!!!

    YOU ATE THE CARMELS ????????????????

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