Jade Plate – ready for take-off

BeltVessel01Since the beginning of September, my qigong teacher has selected a different exercise out of the form to focus on at the beginning of each class. In this way we can refine the movement and discuss its benefits without breaking the flow of the form itself. The movements coordinate with the science of acupuncture and are a way to stimulate the body using movement instead of needles.

Today’s focus was the Jade Plate Receives the Morning Dew. I love this movement because its name sounds like a haiku. In fact, many of the movements in qigong sound like poetry and the movement itself is kinesthetically appealing to me. It feels good to do. So from the detail offered by my teacher and some googling I researched what this particular movement does.

In part it focuses on the Dai Mai or the Belt Channel as labeled in Chinese medicine. This is the only meridian which runs horizontally in the body encircling all the other meridians (see illustration above). It holds, joins, and controls all the other meridians. Its physical impact has to do with issues in the lower half of the body like low back pain, weakness in the legs, as well as issues with tumors, fibroids, dampness (phlegm) which may be located there. Practitioners of Chinese medicine claim it also manifests in a person feeling “near to tears” from frustration, indecision, or low self-esteem. They suggest that it is the area for unexpressed emotions and issues that have to do with transformation, secrets, and trauma.

This particular movement, energy-wise, is much more complicated than just the Belt Channel and touches on many more points and meridians. But I have to admit when I was searching for images of the Dai Mai I was pretty to excited to discover the image below. This is clearly not how I feel when I do this exercise, not yet at least. But maybe once I perfect its movement, if the illustration below is close to accurate, this Jade Plate (with Dai Mai belt clicked into place) will be ready for take-off.


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2 Responses to Jade Plate – ready for take-off

  1. nouvellesdechicago says:

    Pretty soon you can just fly to school!

  2. Zoe says:

    I’m intrigued by this Jade Plate Receives the Morning Dew Qigong you spoke about and would love to learn the moves for Dai Mai health. Any chance you might know a website where this is explained / illustrated graphically? Thanks!

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