Recipe for a luscious evening


Potstickers appetizer

Yes, we’re foodies. Unabashedly so. Last night we went to Kendall College’s Dining Room, a Chicago culinary college’s restaurant where graduating students perform their culinary magic under the auspices of alumna Chef Kim.

Though one orders what one wants off the menu, the chef, in order to give her kitchen crew the practice they need, will order extra plates for the table, so basically last night, we sampled the entire menu. With four of us eating, it was a perfect opportunity to taste an abundance of flavors without overstuffing. Though the service can be a bit spotty (the wait staff are made up of hospitality majors), the food is consistently scrumptious, creative, often subtle, and at a price that is relatively affordable (with all tips going to the scholarship fund at the school).

I’m always up for fully ingesting and critiquing this kind of schoolwork. We all agreed that it was a perfect recipe for a luscious evening.

Some of the highlights of last night’s meal:

Spaghetti squash salad with smoked trout, hazelnuts, brown butter, Thai basil
Flash cooked squid, gochujang, charred scallion , grapefruit
Bay scallops, corn dumpling, sake lees, leeks
Foies Gras terrine, Asian pear butter, garden radishes, Paris mushroom, black
xxxsesame brioche
and Pork Potstickers, a special (so I don’t have all the culinary details)

Grilled Swordfish, smoked jus, chard, potato crisps, Vidalia onion
Wild Striped Bass, young coconut broth, roasted sweet potato, fennel, honshemeji
Black bean Noodle, black udon, bacon, grilled squid, quinoa
Aged Duck breast and leg confit , rutabaga, miso, lychee
Braised beef shortribs, red curry, Thai basil potato purée, red bok choi, apple
xxxkimchi, spicy peanuts

Pumpkin & Sage – Roasted pumpkin souffle, cranberry squash chutney, maple sage
xxxice cream, pumpkin seed croustillant, spice maple sauce
Chestnut & Orange – Roasted chestnut mont blanc, homemade mascarpone nougat
xxxglace, orange meringue, candied chestnut and white bean, orange caramel
Apples & Apples & Apples – Apple tarte tatin, slow poached apple, creme fraiche
xxxrosemarry ice cream, apple bavarois, calvados coulis, apple chip
Chocolate & Fig – Chocolate marquise, grilled fig and fennel, brie and port soaked
xxxfig ice cream, port reduction, speculoos, fig preserve
Grapes & Wine – White wine & raisin sherbet, pomegranate raspberry sorbet, grape
xxxterrine, poached quince, grain salad with raisins and almond, rice cracker cloud


Braised short ribs


Bay Scallops appetizer


Aged Duck Breast and Leg


Flash cooked Squid appetizer


Chocolate and Fig


Chestnut and Orange


Grapes and Wine

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