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A solid 2

For two days this easled white board has mysteriously been sitting outside the Middle School Office in the main Middle School hallway. I don’t know about you, but today was most emphatically a solid 2.

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“Look, I’m the southern hemisphere.”

RS didn’t mean it. Last week he turned quickly and his backpack hit the globe which was sitting on a desk. The world split in two at the equator. I briefly worked at trying to put the pieces together again, … Continue reading

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Quidnunc gifts: I

I continue to read the Quidnunc by Robert F. Bartley (see the Quidnunc post). His diction can sometimes be obscure and he sometimes uses words I have never heard before. I look them up fully expecting that they do not … Continue reading

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Flexibility and reach

In my Qigong class today there were several people I know from my work and community– a grandmother of a former student, the mother of a present student, and an acquaintance from my synagogue. Usually I like to be totally … Continue reading

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The Scarecrow: Chipolte’s new ad

Chipolte’s taking a stand against processed food and factory farms. Provocative. (Thanks, Michael!)

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Drawstrings in your ears

As I opened the classroom to students this morning, I locked in on one of my students in the hallway. He had the drawstrings to his sweatshirt in his ears. Thinking he was just goofing around and not wanting him … Continue reading

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8th graders draw maps of the world

Today I asked my students to draw a map of the world from their memory. They needed to label as much as they could possibly remember but didn’t need to sign their names on the map. They were to work … Continue reading

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“We dwell in Possibility”

Today in class I dictated the poem, “I dwell in Possibility,” by Emily Dickinson, which the students wrote in their journals. They were amused at how many times she used dashes and feigned shock and surprise when I said there … Continue reading

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“I forgot my phone”

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Palimpsest and pentimento

Spent the day (Saturday) unpacking boxes and setting up the classroom. The students come on Monday. I’m filled with some anxiety, but know that once I meet the kids, all will be well. (The kids are great. It’s the adults … Continue reading

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