Cleaning my plate/ cleaning my soul


It’s the new year. A time to make account of all the deeds and misdeeds of the previous year, embrace failings, and move toward commitment to our better selves for the year to come.

After services today we went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant where I cleaned my plate, leaving only the oba leaf and a bit of wasabi.

Later we went to the lake for tashlich, the symbolic ritual of taking the baggage which has weighed us down throughout the year and tossing it into the lake— an opportunity, metaphorically at least, to start the year fresh and unburdened by the habitual behaviors which obstruct us. Stale bread in your pocket is the traditional symbol which is used for this ritual. This year, friends gave me oyster crackers to use. The ducks seemed to find my baggage quite tasty, even fighting over it.

So lots of cleaning today. Cleaning my plate and cleaning my soul. A lot to accomplish in a single day.


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