All caskets perform the same functions


All caskets perform the same functions (see photo below). Really? At Costco, Universal Casket Company has a real deal on the real deal. Choose your color and personal detailing. Since inflation is a sure thing, why not buy one now to secure the lowest price and store it in your garage for whoever in your family needs it first. Maybe there is a quantity discount. You can even order a funeral service.  I’ll bet the next thing we’ll be seeing is a Costco cemetery. Why not? The parking lots are certainly big enough and we’ll be able to shop before and after visitations. Just remember to bring your member’s card.

These caskets remind me of 1950s Cadillacs. Lots of chrome and tasteful bling. And the 18 gauge gasketed steel is impressive. Just think, instead of organically decomposing and becoming one with the earth, you will be sloshing around for eternity inside your very own Universal Casket. Comforting.

Kinda puts a whole new spin on the sacred.


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One Response to All caskets perform the same functions

  1. Jerome Bloom says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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