Pollen kisses

P1020604I worked all day in the garden–harvesting herbs, weeding, giving fish emulsion to all the plants, raking the path, dead-heading. Though bees are much smaller, apparently I was also doing the same work as they do—picking up pollen and spreading it to other vegetation. When I walked in the house at one point, JB said, “Wow, pollen kisses.” The back and sides of my shirt were smeared with pollen from the anthers of the lilies in full bloom along the path in the backyard. There was also pollen all over my arms.

I can’t say I’m really as lithe or efficient or as important as a bee, or even in the same league. But I certainly was as busy as one today and with kisses no less.

P1020594(Photos by JB)

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3 Responses to Pollen kisses

  1. Hope you don’t flower!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:




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