Recipe for relationship


IB and his girlfriend are taking a road trip to Virginia and North Carolina and we are lending them our car. In thanks for our generosity, they cooked us a most amazing meal last night.

Broiled mackerel, konbucha (not pictured), cucumbers with barley miso, broiled tofu with miso dressing, variety of pickles (umeboshi, daikon, cucumber), and gomae—all prepared from scratch in our kitchen (including all the delicate and nuanced sauces). A delicious sake accompanied the dinner. There was a purchased Japanese kumquat cheesecake and a caramel konbucha and caramel cake for dessert.

This is all to say that JB and I said we would lend them the car as often as they wanted if this were the reward.

Actually, the real reward was watching IB and AI’s choreography as they cooked together— inclusive, good-humored, and tender. The best recipe for any relationship.

1001035_10102619561659250_1767541042_n1044711_10102619561419730_1602664715_n988601_10102619561549470_328179506_n(Photos by IB)

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2 Responses to Recipe for relationship

  1. Nice combination: YUMM and LOVE!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:



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