My grandmother’s chair

IMG_6862My sister has had this chair for about a dozen years. It started its life on Franklin Avenue in Toledo Ohio, where my mother grew up. My grandmother had it in her dining room, against the wall on the left hand side as you faced the kitchen. When my aunt, my mother’s oldest sister, moved to Bowen Road, both my grandmother and the chair moved with her. The chair was moved upstairs across from the bathroom, outside my cousin’s bedroom. My grandmother had the run of the house.

Certainly the chair has been reupholstered since Franklin Avenue, but I can’t be totally sure because I always remember seeing it covered in form-fitting plastic— it is well-preserved. When my aunt moved into an assisted living facility, my sister got this chair (and another one). She placed it in her living room and when my mother was able to visit, it was a perfect chair for her– wide, sturdy, and cushioned. Now the chair sits in our bedroom after a crammed ride home in our small Prius C.

It’s nice to have a bit of my grandmother’s aesthetic nearby. There’s a coziness and sense of power in curling up with a good book, connecting with the female lineage of my family. And it’s not surprising my sister removed the plastic. After all, how else can one get in touch with the past without viscerally touching the present.

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5 Responses to My grandmother’s chair

  1. karmami says:

    Love this chair . I have one just like that , However , it did not belonged to any family member since I never even met them , but I bought it years ago , from a lady who was moving out to a nursing home. As soon as I saw the chair I liked it and since she was selling everything I asked how much she wanted and she said 20.00. , of course I gave her 120.00 instead and would have payed more if I could have afforded at that time, since in good conscience , I could not just giving her what she asked for. Anyways it is pale yellow in color and is my favorite chair. No one sits there but me.

  2. Jerome Bloom says:


  3. How did you get that into the Prius?!

  4. I have a few things that belonged to my grandmother as well. It’s funny how something inanimate can bring a sense of life to my world.

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