Father’s Day Journey


It is not always clear if you are being included in “our people.”


Doorbells always announce adventure.


One can never be sure what one is locking in or what one is locking out.

We planned to meet the grand kids and their parents for this Father’s Day at a nature preserve in Pontiac. We got a bit lost and ended up at an old county jail instead (Livingston County Jailhouse), but with the help of cell phone technology we finally found our way to Humiston Woods Nature Preserve.

It all goes to show that you never really know where any journey is going to take you.

The deer that crossed our path

Wild animals can cross your path at a moment’s notice.


Sometimes you don’t know whether something is murky and dangerous or beautifully evolved and practical.

Markers aren't always elegantly or gracefully placed

Trail markers aren’t always elegantly or gracefully placed.

Stepping stones aren't always safe

Stepping stones aren’t always safe.

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2 Responses to Father’s Day Journey

  1. Would have loved MORE of your journalistic pictorial story telling!

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