My Bucket List with Eric Foner


It was the last day of 8th grade today. Next week is graduation rehearsal and graduation, but today was the last day of classes. I had a big pile of papers to get back to my students and I actually got to the bottom of the pile, though I was up very late last night and up very early to finish them. On the last day, among other activities, I have the students give me suggestions for books I should read, movies and TV I should see, and music I should listen to over the summer.

This was the first year someone in my afternoon class suggested a Bucket List. And it became a Bucket List with Eric Foner, the historian I deeply respect and with whom I actually attended a summer workshop at Colombia in New York. The students began to tease me about my love for Eric Foner as soon as I began to praise the way he changed the way we look at the period of Reconstruction and my admiration for him and our “relationship” has become a running joke all year, an endless source of amusement.

I think I’m going to write Eric Foner to tell him how he has become the center of so much humor and playfulness in my class. Actually it is wonderfully refreshing and almost inspiring the way all of my students have felt the freedom and the permission to tease me about my “love” for an historian (“Does your husband know?”). There is something so touching and innocent and yes, middle school, about it all. I’m not sure Foner would really understand all the clever and witty fondness my students demonstrate. After all— he teaches graduate school.

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2 Responses to My Bucket List with Eric Foner

  1. Jerome Bloom says:


  2. That’s sweet. It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship with your students.
    I am teaching middle-school next year for the first time in many years. A little nervous but you have reminded me that they are still just kids…kids in bigger, sweatier bodies but still just kids.

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