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Wet tree peony

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Something about nurturing life forces

Preoccupied and out of town for most of the last two weeks, I was amazed to see how full the garden had become. After school today I met JB at the garden store and we bought lots of plants for … Continue reading

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Like fine gourmet chefs, my mother, sister, and I distilled my mother’s material possessions into a rich and bold reduction. Selecting a specific chair, table, television, photos, a painting, a lamp, some clothes, and plants from her house, we moved … Continue reading

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“I Ask My Mother to Sing” by Li-Young Lee

She begins, and my grandmother joins her. Mother and daughter sing like young girls. If my father were alive, he would play his accordion and sway like a boat. I’ve never been in Peking, or the Summer Palace, nor stood … Continue reading

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The Closing and the Closing

We found a nursing home for my mother that seems pretty wonderful. It is just minutes from my sister and it seems high-spirited, positive, organized, mindful, and caring. It is privately owned and run by a single family. The residents … Continue reading

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My stepfather died last week surrounded by those who loved him. We each held a physical part of him (finger, toe, hand, foot, arm, face) as he transitioned from this world. His funeral was Sunday. Because he was a devoted … Continue reading

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“The Envoy” by Jane Hirshfield

One day in that room, a small rat. Two days later, a snake. Who, seeing me enter, whipped the long stripe of his body under the bed, then curled like a docile house-pet.x I don’t know how either came or … Continue reading

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Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen died today. He was an intrepid animator devoted to stop action. This is the tedious and painstaking technique of minutely moving parts of objects/models, taking a single frame, and then minutely moving them again, taking another single frame, … Continue reading

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“Companion” by Lydia Davis

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Bodies of Memory

Last night, we saw Bodies of Memory, a performance piece created by a friend of ours, Ginny Sykes. Using dance, film, original and published music (live and recorded), and photographs projected onto a large screen, Bodies of Memory explores how … Continue reading

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