Ten sacred achievements on Vesak Day


How I spent Vesak Day, the sacred day commemorating Buddha’s birth, death, and enlightenment (as celebrated in Vietnam and Southeast Asia):

1. Worked with colleagues to craft a grievance.

2. Learned how to catch a stack of quarters from the back of my raised elbow with the help of DS.

3. Discussed the missionary ladies and Aunt Alexandra’s transformation in Scout’s eyes in To Kill A Mockingbird with my classes.

4. Witnessed a student in a hairy monster full-body costume appear in the classroom window causing everyone in class to scream.

5. Was introduced by my students to the short films of Julian Smith (Stuck inside your head, Jellyfish, et al.).

6. Watched the court scene in To Kill a Mockingbird with my students.

7. Drove to Ann Arbor to visit my mother in her new nursing home.

8. Talked with my mom about her dinner conversation with two gentlemen discussing old movie stars and how they were better than the actors today.

9. Had dinner and drinks at a brew pub with my brother, sister, nephew and my sister’s partner.

10. Observed the full moon on the way to my sister’s house.

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