Something about nurturing life forces


Preoccupied and out of town for most of the last two weeks, I was amazed to see how full the garden had become. After school today I met JB at the garden store and we bought lots of plants for the garden, varieties of heirloom tomatoes and peppers and basil, eggplants and four kinds of lavender. It was like I was driven to plant, to get things in the ground, to make things grow. I planted five tomato plants before dinner. I dug the holes deep to make a solid foundation for the plants. Lots of room to root. I put generous amounts of compost in the planting holes and around the bases of the tomatoes. I stepped around each plant to pack the earth. I put the tomato towers over them. Tomorrow night after school, I’ll plant another bunch of vegetables.

The process is soothing. Healing. Something about nurturing life forces over which, of course, we ultimately have no control.


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