Like fine gourmet chefs, my mother, sister, and I distilled my mother’s material possessions into a rich and bold reduction. Selecting a specific chair, table, television, photos, a painting, a lamp, some clothes, and plants from her house, we moved my mother’s spare essentials into her new and last home this morning. (In actual fact, she will be moving to a slightly larger room in the facility in two or three weeks.)

As in all good recipes, reductions concentrate and focus the essence of things.

My mother, the key ingredient, moves into the space tomorrow morning.

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3 Responses to Reductions

  1. The metaphors for your last several days are right on!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:



    US THE





  3. Mrs. Chili says:

    I am thinking of you and sending you good energy as you and your family transition.

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