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Navigating the space between child and adult

As a way to discuss our way through All Quiet on the Western Front, I have assigned different groups of students to prepare vocabulary, factual questions for a quiz (which each group will grade), and interpretive questions to discuss for each … Continue reading

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Perverted madness

I talked with my students today about the Boston Marathon. AW’s dad was in the race and had crossed the finish line 25 minutes before the first blast. “Whoa. You’re kidding!?!” BR said she was happy we live in the … Continue reading

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Buon compleanno, Leonardo!

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Complicated cultural pastiche

Equally as problematic or complex was my visit to the African collection at The Seattle Museum of Art yesterday (see 4/13/13 post). On a large wall next to shaman figures, Yoruban twin statuettes, and across the hall from plentiful African … Continue reading

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Watching the Watcher: Observing the Ever-Consuming White Gaze

Watching the Watcher: Observing the Ever-Consuming White Gaze, a workshop at the White Privilege Conference, was intense, powerful, transformational. It began with the conversation, via Frantz Fanon (Black Skin, White Masks) and Sherene Razack (Looking White People in the Eye), that … Continue reading

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Economically practical way to address wealth disparity–Baby Bonds

Darrick Hamilton was the first keynote speaker in Seattle at the White Privilege Conference on Thursday and made a very strong case for what he calls “Baby Bonds” to deal in a practical way with the disparity in wealth between … Continue reading

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“Pencil” by Marianne Boruch

My drawing teacher said: Look, think, make a mark. Look, I told myself. And waited to be marked. xxxxx Clouds are white but they darken with rain. Even a child blurs them back to little woolies on a hillside, little bundles without legs. … Continue reading

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In the Table: Passover Edition

I was about to change the “In the Table” display and realized I hadn’t documented it. For Passover this year, the glass topped table was filled with a 1941 Maxwell House Haggadah, a reproduction of the Sarajevo Haggadah (from about 1350), … Continue reading

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Annette Funicello 1942-2013

Annette Funicello–an icon of my growing up. On our new and fledgling TV screen that our Aunt Nola bought us, on The Mickey Mouse Club, she seemed just like me and my friends (especially my best friend JH whose family … Continue reading

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Morning Calligraphy

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