Earth Day Gas Mileage

IMG_6145Traffic was really slow on Lake Shore Drive on the way home from school today. I’m not really complaining because the weather was absolutely beautiful and the windows were down letting fresh spring air circulate all around me. The lake was light blue with a mysterious band of darker blue at the horizon. Bollywood music was blaring from the radio. The sun was really warm on the left side of my face as I headed north.

Then I noticed the dashboard and realized my gas mileage was a bit higher than it usually is at this point in my journey home. The Prius C seems to get the best mileage at slower speeds, between 25-40 mph. And a block from home, before I turned down the alley, the Prius and I clocked in at 70.5 mpg, driving for 47 minutes, about 20 miles distance (really at 4:39—I haven’t changed the clock since we “sprang forward” last month). This is indeed so far the best the Prius and I have been able to achieve since we bought the car last November. Usually my hike to and from work is between 55 and 62 mpg (still pretty awesome!). But achieving 70.5 mpg on Earth Day was, well– a real gas! To say the least.

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2 Responses to Earth Day Gas Mileage

  1. Driven says:

    That’s awesome! The Prius can accelerate up to and sustain 42 mph on only the electric motor. Momentum pressure, like an incline or quick acceleration, will cause the gas engine to startup and engage (ending your electric experience).

    At speeds above 42 MPH, battery-only driving is possible when you go down a hill. The electric motor will sustain your speed, even at 70 MPH on the highway. This allows the engine to idle (which uses less gas) or just spin (which doesn’t use any gas at all) until it is needed to propel the wheels again. This is probably why you experienced such great mileage on earth day! The fact that your speed was slow and acceleration gradual allowed you to use more electricity to propel you versus gasoline!!!! Nicely done!!!

  2. willsafer says:

    Reblogged this on and then something like this happened. and commented:
    I want days like this. I sense my new obsession coming on… efficiency.

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