In the Table: Passover Edition



sand and bits from Cheops pyramid in Giza

I was about to change the “In the Table” display and realized I hadn’t documented it. For Passover this year, the glass topped table was filled with a 1941 Maxwell House Haggadah, a reproduction of the Sarajevo Haggadah (from about 1350), the original Waskow’s Freedom Seder (1969) complete with wine stains, The Union Haggadah (1923), and a reproduction of a Venetian Haggadah from the 1600s. I included some egyptian memorabilia for effect including actual sand from the pyramids at Giza (specifically from Cheops, gathered by myself), a real ushabti figure from the tomb of one of the Seti’s (which I acquired in Egypt as a gift from a tomb robber), a tourist ushabti (the one broken at the neck), and other asundry Egyptian tzotchkes.

I love to collect and being able to share by bringing books and items into the light of day, and for an extended period of time for perusal, is very satisfying.


Ushabti from Seti’s tomb, broken at the knees


Sarajevo Haggadah

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3 Responses to In the Table: Passover Edition

  1. Saw it in person and love it!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:


  3. I really love this! Not just as a Jew, but also as someone who has a degree in Interior Design (and a former ASID member)–not that I did much with that one due to health issues. This display is very unique and tells me who this person is–so important in design.

    I want to send this to my mother, who has a beautiful collection of Judaica on a console table and IS a designer, but then she’d know where I blog! Well, I’ll describe it as she designs for many Jewish clients. She loves tablescapes (dining room tables especially), so yet another idea!

    Thanks for the post…

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