“You Are What You Eat”


Bar Tender | San Antonio, TX | 1-Person Household | Goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily.

Mark Menjivar, photographer, has produced portraits of people through pictures of their refrigerators in his series “You Are What You Eat.” I first heard of him through a podcast of the Splendid Table, and was fascinated with the whole project. Refrigerators are actually an intimate window in the lives of those who fill them. They reflect the ways we do or do not take care of ourselves. The quantity and quality of what we choose to put into our bodies is seriously reflective of our sense of self. Menjivar says, “A refrigerator is both a private and a shared space. One person likened the question, ‘May I photograph the interior of your fridge?’ to asking someone to pose nude for the camera.” The captions which accompany the refrigerators are intriguing clues into the lives of the people they represent.

The following photos are randomly chosen. There are many more on Menjivar‘s website which you should visit.


Social Studies Teacher/Secretary | Portland, OR | 2-Person Household | Try to only eat foods found within 100 miles of home.


Midwife/Middle School Science Teacher | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household (including dog) | First week after deciding to eat all local produce.

Carpenter/Photographer | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household |

Carpenter/Photographer | San Antonio, TX | 3-Person Household | 12 Point Buck shot on family property.


Retired High School Principal | Pottstown, PA | 3-Person Household | Is living with Type 2 diabetes.


Retired Emergency Room Nurse | DeBary, Florida | 1-Person Household | Saved the life of next door neighbor during medical emergency.


Gallery Owner | New York, New York | 1-Person Household | Is not very good at small talk.


Owner of Defunct Amusement Park | Alpine, TX | 1-Person Household | Former WW II Prisoner of War.


Botanist | Ft. Wayne, IN | 1-Person Household | Feels more comfortable among flora and fauna of his era than people.

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  1. I love interesting “new takes” on life.

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