A Valentine from Eric Foner


Over the years Valentine’s Day as a teacher has procurred me the occasional Starbucks card or even the box of candy. But clearly this year I have received the very best Valentine’s Day treat ever.

The Asian Students Association sponsored a Lindt Truffle Sale as a fund-raiser for charity. Students all last week could purchase a Valentine’s Day truffle and have it sent to someone in school. They were delivered this morning. Now to understand this completely, you should go to this previous post, Historian as Rock Star, to get the background information you will need to understand the rest of this story. (Go on, click on the link, I’ll wait.)

Yes, as the photo above reveals, Eric Foner sent me a Valentine’s Day truffle. I laughed so hard I could barely stay in my seat. I played my part to the hilt, feigning the coy, romantic academic. The students continued teasing. Oh, and the photo below accompanied some chocolates. I love the way middle schoolers think. And I believe they are actually integrating the work we do in class into their own body of knowledge. A great way to kick off Valentine’s Day.


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2 Responses to A Valentine from Eric Foner

  1. Wonderful! Does JB know about EF?

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