Invisible cloak

HP-InvisibilityCloak_dvd (1)

This morning, in a kind of Harry Potter mood, we had an enthusiastic and lively conversation in my advisory about what we would do if we had an invisible cloak. There were all sorts of suggestions of the kinds of mischief we might perform like tying the shoelaces of people’s shoes together, eating their lunch, acting as a person’s conscience by whispering in their ear, listening in on other’s conversations, cheating on tests. TF asked what would we do if we had forgotten where we had put the cloak. “Like really, how would you find it?”

“C’mon. you would never lose it.”

“That’s not true.”

“Well, you would really have to be responsible. You could never just throw it down and forget about it.”

“You could sew a GPS device into it.”

“Can you sew on invisible cloth?”

“Can you even sew?”

“Maybe you would have to really be disciplined and put it in the same place every day before you went to bed.”

“Yeah, like some kind of ritual that you made into a daily habit.”

“Maybe you could just wear it all the time.”

“Oh that’s smart.”

“No, really.”

“How about when you take a shower?”

“Well, maybe that would be the only time you would take it off.”

“Hmm..wouldn’t it get kind of smelly? Wouldn’t that sort of work against the fact that it is invisible?”

“Maybe that’s why you should wear it in the shower. You could wash it at the same time.”

“I think it’s not worth all the effort. Better to be crystal clear and obvious to everyone you know most of the time.”

“Or at least use other methods of invisibility that are a lot less trouble.”

“Like being ‘transparent’ in all your interactions?”

“Ha! But transparency is not being invisible.”

“Then how come if you’re transparent, people can see right through you. If an invisible cloak is transparent, it is definitely invisible.”

And then it was time for first period.

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