shredding: high tech

In this season of purging (and culture of identity theft), I have to admit the acquiring of an electric shredder has changed my life. I used to use the shears pictured below for sensitive documents, but after clearing out the file cabinets it was clear something more heavy-duty was required. The shredder’s whirring is almost addictive as I work to feed its insatiable appetite no more than 25 times per day (I got the light-weight machine).

Of course my collector and creative self has thought that the shredded results would make great papier-mache pulp, but I immediately stopped myself and filled a garbage bag with the shredder’s digested bills and old tax forms and ran to the garbage outside before I had time to change my mind.


shredding: low tech

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4 Responses to Shredding

  1. I hope you haven’t discarded you low tech shredder. It looks very much to me like our herb cutter. Wonderful way to “shred” basil leaves, or rosemary, etc.

  2. Jerome Bloom says:





  3. leamuseea says:

    While I do understand the need to destroy certain documents, tearing by hand is much more cathartic albeit time consuming. If only we could reduce the amounts of paper we generate for the sake of the environment…

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