Human Ensos: Shinichi Maruyama


I have written about the artist Shinichi Maruyama before focusing on his enso series Koshu. In his new work, Nude, Maruyama has collaborated with choreographer Jessica Lang to create these seamless photographs created by combining 10,000 separate shots of individual dancers. Time and movement seem to solidify and become more than tangible in these provocative images which are like ensos of humans.

“I know the advancement of technology has allowed me to create these new images that would have been impossible for others in the past,” said Maruyama. “The scientist/photographer Étienne-Jules Marey, who contributed a lot to many artists more than 100 years ago, used a camera that shot 12 images per second. But because of the technology we have today, I was able to use a camera that let me take about 2,000 images per second.”

His statement on his website continues:

I tried to capture the beauty of both the human body’s figure and its motion.
The figure in the image… is formed into something similar to a sculpture…
By putting together uninterrupted individual moments, the resulting image as a whole will appear to be something different from what actually exists.
With regard to these two viewpoints, a connection can be made to a human being’s perception of presence in life.







All images © Shinichi Maruyama

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2 Responses to Human Ensos: Shinichi Maruyama

  1. dini says:

    love them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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