Maybe the island is enough


outside the sitting space in the bedroom

Bedroom finished (well, almost).  The walls are painted. Sitting space in the bedroom formalized. A new rug on the floor. New light plates. Overhead fan dusted. File cabinets emptied and cabinet removed. Lots of trash thrown away– old bills; old notes that seemed to have had some importance once, but whose meaning is lost to me now. Clothes reorganized. Unworn, too small, too big taken to ORT. Closet rearranged. Possessions distilled. A real purging. And now a clean space. An oasis. I burnt some incense.

Last night I read in a chair outside the sitting space. Undisturbed. Tranquil. Sipping tea sweetened with honey. Without distraction.

It’s truly amazing how much impact environment has on our sense of well-being. This seems so very obvious, but as a habitual pile-maker and clutter-creator, the chaos inside was markedly calmed by the simplicity and clarity of the space around me.

I suppose the message is that the calm and quietude of this space should begin to pervade the rest of the house. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the island is enough.

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3 Responses to Maybe the island is enough

  1. How will we recognize you when we next see you?

  2. Jerome Bloom says:





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