No quickies in the home improvement department

IMG_4395So you start with wanting to paint the bedroom. It won’t take long and what a lift it would give to the space. But then you discover that you need to get more paint and more dropcloths and paint trays and then you can’t find the paintbrush or the roller extender. You have to move the file cabinet in the corner that you really don’t need anymore because it is filled with lots of junk you could easily get rid of or at least weed drastically. You start that project so you can definitely remove the file cabinet from the room.

Then you move the old piece of furniture away from the wall that was a kitchen cabinet in the 1930s (which has a flour sifter inside), but you use it to store socks and underwear. You have covered this piece of furniture with all your jewelry all over it and you decide that in the new feeling of calm and peace you’re trying to create in the room, the furniture is way too “busy.” You decide to move your jewelry. The cabinet itself has drawers that are filled with papers and notes and other stray items that could easily be tossed and all your exercise clothes could easily go inside. So you start this project, too.

Then you remove all the electrical plates and realize they look pretty awful and so you get some nice natural wood plates from the hardware store. You discover the walls have been so long neglected, there are cobwebs and nailholes all over the place because the space used to be a studio. You get the vacuum and the spackle and work yourself around the room.

You start to laugh because this project has become like “When you give a mouse a cookie,” because you are right at the beginning again, wanting to paint the bedroom and you haven’t even opened up the paint yet. You are way too exhausted, so you pour yourself an adult beverage and crawl into bed. There are no quickies in the home improvement department.

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2 Responses to No quickies in the home improvement department

  1. … and I can picture each of your steps. DO NOT watch the movie “Money Pit.”

  2. Jerome Bloom says:

    IN A

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