(W)Right here in Rogers Park

IMG_4254It may be December, but there are three new buds on our rose bush in the front yard and the mint is flourishing all over the garden. The temperature is in the mid-60s. Beautiful day. After my qigong class, JB and I walked through the neighborhood having some tea and soup at a newly discovered coffee house less than a mile from the house. Then we walked to the lake. On our way back home, we walked past a house that we have always remarked on, when driving in our car, that it looked like a Frank Lloyd Wright building. Because we were walking we were able to stop and explore and sure enough, it is the Emil Bach House built in 1915 by Frank Lloyd Wright. It is one of the last urban homes that Wright built. Emil Bach was one of the owners (along with his brothers) of the Bach Brick Company west on Irving Park Rd. None of his bricks were used in the construction of his Frank Lloyd Wright designed home.

The Emil Bach House was declared a Chicago Landmark in 1977 and achieved national landmark status in 1979. It is presently being rehabbed by the Tawani Group who will eventually open the property to the public for tours and special events.

It took us over twenty years to identify this property. Sad. Walking is clearly important, not only for the exercise, but especially if you want to discover the richness of where you live—(w)right here in Rogers Park.IMG_4248IMG_4251

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