Scones and Tropes

IMG_4228Woke up late with the doorbell ringing, signaling a friend who had come by to walk. Had overslept. Rushed to get dressed. Needed to get our new (new) car to the service center to get its undercoat put on. Left the books for my class in the back seat. Needed to go all the way back to the service center to retrieve them. Had coffee and scones with a friend and got into a long and involved and intense conversation which made me late for my Torah trope class. A bit discombobulating. Thrown off my schedule. Not in control. Emotionally drained.

The morning worked out in a very different way than I had expected. Sometimes habits need to be broken in order to snap ourselves into a more significant kind of attention. Sometimes we need to stop all the noise in order to really listen.

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  1. nouvellesdechicago says:

    Bring me one!

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