Leave each other’s bumper stickers alone

OK, this is the third time this has happened this year and it happened once four years ago as well. Right in front of my school. My Obama stickers are being defaced. The past two times glazegourmet.com donuts have been placed over his name, even over an old Kerry— Edwards sticker. This time the “O” and “B” have been peeled and mangled as well. I took my advisory outside to see the last vandalizing because they didn’t believe me when I shared this with them. It is vandalism, isn’t it? (Heartland, by the way, is a restaurant that has been serving organic food for the past 35 years in Rogers Park.)

Since I don’t use my trunk all the time I have no idea how long I drive around with these defaced bumper stickers before I notice. I actually googled the donut sticker and the donut shop is in South Carolina (and they pride themselves on using natural ingredients). I work on the campus of the University of Chicago. Some disgruntled republican student? A disgruntled republican professor?

Eeesh. This continues to be a stressful and tense presidential election. Rhetoric has been pitched at a very high level and, yes, even bumper stickers vandalized. What has happened to reasoned discourse and respectful dialogue? Or maybe this is all a fantasy I am having. Maybe I have been too naive to feel and see it as clearly as I do now. The polarization that still plagues us does not bode well for the next president, no matter what his party. What has happened to thoughtful cooperation and integrative compromise?

I’m going on a diet. No more extreme rhetoric or donuts for me. It’s time to hunker down and exercise our right to vote. Then after the results are in, maybe we’ll have the time and energy to examine the over-heated process and outrageous expenditure of money in this election.  Maybe we can learn to leave each other’s bumper stickers alone.

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