Welcome and intimate nourishment

Last night, as I walked from the garage toward the house after having been at school past 5:00 taking part in an intense union meeting, I was warmed by the sight of the softly lit back porch. The back door was open. The table was set. Dinner was ready. My son had spent three hours in the kitchen preparing the meal. It was unbelievably delicious, visually engaging, and nuanced in flavors.

Starting at the top, a glass of sake, then from left to right— suonomo with toasted sesame seeds, fresh grated ginger, wasabi, green onion, miso soup with shitake mushrooms, fresh salted mackerel, cold soba noodles, dipping sauce for the soba noodles.

There’s something about sitting down to a delicate feast, prepared with focus and affection, by someone you love. The stress of the day immediately dissipated. A most welcome and intimate nourishment…even if there hadn’t been a bento box of leftovers for my lunch today.

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