New school year 2012-13

Today’s (Sunday’s) activities, the day before the students return for the 2012-13 school year:

  • Worked on an invitation for an event at our synagogue (IB helped with his technical expertise).
  • Tried to finish letters to my former students wishing them good luck in high school (10 more to go).
  • Went to Qigong class (midway through class felt rather weepy for unknown reasons).
  • Had a manicure and pedicure (It’s one way I pamper myself, which I rarely get an opportunity to do once the school year starts.).
  • Bought and started to read The Influencing Machine by Brooke Gladstone of NPR’s On the Media, a graphic novel (Why are non-fiction graphic books called “novels?”) illustrated by Josh Neufeld about the history of media and how we can exercise more control over understanding and even learning to shape the news. Thought it would be helpful with students in discerning what is truthful and what is not in what they hear from the media.
  • Put our Obama sticker on the car.
  • Answered several emails from anxious and/or overly zealous parents.
  • Took care of some Union business including a support statement to the Chicago Teachers Union.
  • Picked up treats for first day activities with students, after checking what allergies we need to contend with this year.
  • Picked up the two paintings we purchased from Greg at M&G’s Pick Up Painting Party after Greg’s exhibit last month. Visited with friends. Ate delicious snack foods. Drank wine.
  • Gathered items for first day activities with the students.
  • Wrote a few more letters to former students (8 to go).
  • Put new student names in planner/grade book.
  • Planned a broad road map for the week.
  • Wondered whether I would be able to make meaningful connections with this new batch of young people.
  • Wondered whether I would be able to continue to deal with the students’ academic and developmental disparities with creativity, generosity of spirit, and compassion.
  • Wondered how my students will respond to the experiences they will have in my class.
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2 Responses to New school year 2012-13

  1. Ah the easy life of a teacher who only works 8 months a year from 8:00-3:00!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:


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