Good to be OM

In two years our house will be 100 years old. We have already gotten a new roof, the windows and front porch painted, with all rotted wood replaced. Now we have a new gate for easy access to the side of the house, a new downspout draining outside of the house so that the sewer will no longer back up in the basement when there is a heavy rain. We have had the cracks between the house and the sidewalk filled. We even uncovered JB’s sculpture (welded when he was in graduate school) which was covered in ivy and turned it so that it shows a much more compelling profile (which also affords us more room in the back to sit around the fire pit).

Sometimes we get used to things we shouldn’t–wet basements, leaky windows, cluttered backyard. This habitual acceptance needs to be broken. The house actually feels like its tight and cluttered places have been released, like it has had a good massage. I can actually feel it breathe.

It’s good to be OM…

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2 Responses to Good to be OM

  1. Jerome Bloom says:


  2. leamuse says:

    Your just getting it broken in. My house has been here over 300 years and is rich with stories! 🙂

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