Furniture alive

Lila Jang, Korean artist and designer, creates playful and anthropomorphized furniture, riffing off of classic French Baroque. She is interested in pushing the limits of practicality and entering the realm of whimsy while still maintaining at least a sliver of functionality. Fluidity is a word that has been used to describe her work. There is also a healthy dose of good humor in the pieces she produces.

Says Jang, “My work represents who and where we are as human beings: in the midpoint of that constant struggle between reality and the ideal.” For me, her work represents the notion that all things are enthusiastically alive and animated by a collective human spirit.

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2 Responses to Furniture alive

  1. leamuse says:

    Reminds me of the furniture created by Gaudi which is on display in the museum located at Parc Güell in Barcelona. Interesting.

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