Amelia Earhart speaks to Sally Ride

Sally Ride died two days ago, the day before Amelia Earhart’s birthday 115 years ago (July 24, 1897). Ride was the first American woman in space. Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic.

A year ago, Emily Rose— poet, performer, spoken word artist– was asked to produce a piece commemorating the 83rd anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s transatlantic flight in 1928 for the Paper Machete ( a live weekly magazine). Emily Rose becomes Amelia Earhart speaking to Sally Ride. It is poignant, powerfully moving, lyrical. The resonance of the synchronicity of the birthday and death of these two women fliers makes Emily Rose’s words even more compelling. Emily Rose performed this piece again this last June at Ain’t Nothing Wrong at the West Side School for the Desperate (see video above), co-curated by Real Talk Live.

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