Breakfast in the garden

Each morning JB and I have breakfast in the garden. Fresh fruit with yogurt and a glass of coffee. (We drink our hot coffee from big glasses.) It had rained all night, the first rain of summer really, and the garden smelled like a forest, very humusy— that sweet, rich, and wet composty smell. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet early in the morning. It almost feels like we are out in the country, far away from the city we live in. We sit on large old rusting iron garden chairs that were left in the garage (actually small barn) when we bought the house almost 25 years ago—the kind of chairs I remember my grandmother had in her yard. We love their layers of peeling paint, a visual display of time passing.

This morning we saw a hummingbird. We had never seen one in our garden before. It was poking at the red bee balm, already past its peak. (The hummingbird is the greenish blue blur to the left of the red blur in photo at left.) While we were lazing in our big old iron garden chairs, slowly sipping our hot coffee, feeling a bit in slow motion, that hummingbird was pumping its wings at 15-80 times per second. Impressive.

A couple of days ago at breakfast, we noticed that IB’s Buddha had fallen off its perch. JB went to right the situation and discovered that out of the bottom of the Buddha was a lot of nesting material and a freshly dead mouse. While we were quietly munching some fresh blueberries and yogurt, that mouse was busy being reincarnated.

I sit here with JB, in the almost solitude, with only the sounds of nature (we’re up so early, civilization is still asleep), with the deep smells of rotting mixed with the perfumes of lilies and mint, with the sweet taste of fruits and rich coffee in my mouth, the soft tug of those persistent morning glories as I am compelled to occasionally pull them from the garden I can reach while sitting in the big old iron garden chair.

While I slowly rock in that big rusting chair, feeling a very soft breeze on my face, it is all awareness, no awareness, every morning at breakfast.

(Last two photos by JB)

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