Tokyo Sonata

The following video is the ending of Tokyo Sonata by Kiyoshi Kurosawa (no relation to Akira), an incredibly poignant story about the disintegration of familial roles and relationships, routines, societal expectations, and the possibility for redemption, all clearly nested in the values of Japanese culture. I have been haunted by this movie ever since viewing.

If you haven’t seen the movie, rush to do so and don’t watch the ending below until you do. If you have, savor the last 7 minutes again, where a whole film dissolves into a single piece of music which captures the essence and thread of the entire narrative. I have never seen a piece of music do that filmically before– at the literal, figurative, and emotional levels simultaneously.

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2 Responses to Tokyo Sonata

  1. Ordered it from NETFLIX. Thanks. Recommended back to you: Ballad of Narayama. One of the most amazing movies we have ever seen. Cannot believe people are actors. It is as if you are part of the community!

  2. Jerome Bloom says:





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