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And then the tide came in…

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This used to be a Borders…

x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*…..sigh……*

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Yesterday’s very early Father’s Day stroll

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Real Father’s Day Pancakes

JB’s father was an expert pancake and omelette maker when JB was growing up. We have used his recipe ever since I can remember being with JB. On weekends making pancakes and when the kids were growing up, we created … Continue reading

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Visiting Heaven and Hell

Yesterday was a gallery day for JB and I. The highlight was definitely the Heaven + Hell show, a collaborative exhibit by both Luma (Loyola University Museum of Art) and the Intuit Gallery for Intuitive and Outsider Art. Heaven images … Continue reading

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Island retreat in the sitting space

While in Japan we visited Basho’s (1644-1694) grave in the gardens of Gichuji Temple outside of Kyoto. Basho is the most famous japanese haiku poet, who acquired many followers in his lifetime. The site of his grave was on  JB’s … Continue reading

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“Houston, the day lilies have landed.”

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No hiding in Hyde Park

I left my gradebook at school (I have six more narratives to write) and my classroom needed to get cleaned up for summer school classes (I’m not teaching any, but others are using my classroom). So I bribed JB with … Continue reading

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“Numbers” by Mary Cornish

I like the generosity of numbers. The way, for example, they are willing to count anything or anyone: two pickles, one door to the room, eight dancers dressed as swans. I like the domesticity of addition— add two cups of … Continue reading

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Before… …and after… …and it is hard to tell which is more beautiful… (top photo by JB)

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