Solar-powered enlightenment

JB and I had looked for a Buddha for the garden for Father’s Day but were unable to find one we liked. We actually went out to a place where concrete garden sculptures are cast, but there were no Buddhas to our liking. A friend of mine knew we were searching and called the other day to say that she had seen a solar-powered Buddha at Loew’s.

Though we thought we had reconciled ourselves to only having the Buddha IB had made when he was in 8th grade in the garden (see photo below), we were curious to see what solar-powered really meant. It sounded downright cosmic.

And we couldn’t resist. Here is the Buddha just settling into the garden. IB’s Buddha sits directly across from him. In the night picture, the center of the lotus that Buddha is holding is all lit up.

We’ll take enlightenment any we can get it. Even when it’s solar-powered.

And here’s to all our friends who always help us find light on our journey.

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4 Responses to Solar-powered enlightenment

  1. Wonderful photographs! I’m so glad you have a solar Buddha to guide your garden meditation.

  2. Here is to making the night light.

  3. Jerome Bloom says:




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