Words to end the year…

I usually have my students write a letter to someone in the school who helped them get to where they are today, before I give them the letter they wrote to their graduating self on the first day of school. I urge them to think about teachers or staff members from previous years. I urge them to think about all the experiences they have had in school and how a particular teacher or staff member helped them grow or learn or stretch in a particularly memorable and significant way.

I usually get a letter or two but the vast majority are dispersed to teachers and staff throughout the school. We’re a K-12 (nursery too) school so there is lots of sharing of stories and anecdotes from nursery and lower school before they settle down to write. Some students write more than one letter. Colleagues are always touched by their words which come at a stressful time of year.

I have been carrying around AV’s letter since I received it last Friday. I can’t share the complicated context, but one sentence in his letter reads, “I felt as if talking to you was like a warm blanket.”

Now how’s that for ending the year?!

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