Last day of classes…

Supporting a bake sale for a student whose house burned completely to the ground…

Eating advisory breakfast…

Discussing a male student’s (FN) pie chart of what girls do in the bathroom— the black piece is “use the bathroom”, the dotted part is “cry,” the white part is “nothing.” All the girls agreed with FN that it was totally accurate.

Signing books for my advisory to be given out at graduation (Tuesday).

Reading aloud with the whole class this year’s stalkings a la Whitman‘s “Song of Myself” (“Ourselves”)…

Opening letters the students wrote to their graduating self at the beginning of the year…(before which each student wrote a letter to a teacher, friend, staff, or family member who helped him/her to successfully get to this point in their lives)…

Giving out of a small bottle of lemon oil for each student as a symbol of my wishes for them in the coming years (specifically high school) to be focused, efficient, sharp, and alert…

Getting student advice on what books, movies, TV shows, websites, music I should explore over the summer…

(Following the links will help to flesh out some of the above activities…)

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