A three mile prom

Last night the union at our school sponsored a “prom” in the cafeteria for faculty, staff, and administration. The tongue-in-cheek event encouraged creative attire from Madonna a la “Desperately Seeking Susan” to tuxedoes and prom dresses and lots of jeans in between. There was even a category of nerd which included varieties of striped shirts with checkered pants and platform shoes.

It was awesome to dance with friends and colleagues, to music from the 80s, punk, disco, rap, motown, and pop.

And on the way home I checked my pedometer. I had danced three miles. Not only had we spanned quite an historical musical distance last night, but clearly we had covered quite a physical one as well.

(Photos by JB)

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4 Responses to A three mile prom

  1. What a fun idea. I do not remember ever having attended a school prom.

  2. Great photos! Wow, three miles…who needs to find time to run when you can just dance?

  3. Jerome Bloom says:





  4. eyesackbloom says:

    What??? Dad actually danced?????

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