Spirit Week

Students focusing on the day's assignment

I am the Middle School Student Council advisor. Through the year there are a variety of activities for which the Council is responsible including dances, community service, and leadership opportunities. Due to many reasons, the planned Spirit Week the Council had planned for next week needed to be postponed. Spirit Week usually includes the kids dressing up in a particular way each day (ie, Crazy hair and clothes day, Character day, Twin day, etc.). Teachers are given tickets to give to students they deem are the most cleverly dressed. The students put their tickets into a box for a drawing at the end of the week for which they can win modest prizes.

So today I sent out a brief email to all Middle School teachers:

Spirit Week will not take place next week. It will be postponed until May.

I received this response from a colleague:

That sounds like an interesting week… NO SPIRIT WEEK.  Day one: prize goes to the most depressed.  Day two: prize goes to the most passive agressive.  Day three: prize goes to the person who lets the most balls drop.  Day four: prize goes to the person who moves the slowest.  Day five: prize goes to the person who wears the same clothes they’ve been wearing for the last 5 days.

Hmmm… What makes me think we are nearing the end of the school year?

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