Flotsam and jetsam

Phew…lots of cleaning today. I worked my way through the immense pile of mail amassed since before we left for Japan. Last year, JB bought me this amazing pair of scissors (see below) that helped me speed through the political and marketing detritus. I even paid a few bills. I finished the taxes and rsvp’ed wedding invitations.

The floor was swept and mopped (Spic and Span still holds a lot of sense memory recall for me), the Japanese items we purchased got sorted, freshly cleaned towels and cloth napkins folded. Friends even stopped by bearing bags of ruby red grapefruits and repaired our back porch overhead fan and light (only one broken glass globe in the process).

I haven’t had a day like this in a long time. Other priorities like getting grades done, papers graded, getting packed and ready for Japan were no longer in sight. There were no other issues begging for my attention.

There’s something so centering, almost meditative, about accomplishing mundane and regular tasks, those tasks that, at least I, put off until the last moment. In actuality there is nothing mundane about them at all. There is a rhythm and repetition about them that lifts even the most lackadaisical housekeeper (like me) if you are paying attention. Having undistracted time and focus to dust, wipe, and polish felt like a gift.

Today it felt just right, mentally stabilizing, and totally internally cleansing to expunge a bit and deliberately arrange the accumulated flotsam and jetsam of my life. To alter a turn of phrase from Erich Maria Remarque, other homes may be more hygenic, but here it is beautiful. 

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2 Responses to Flotsam and jetsam

  1. Great scissors. I feel like my cluttered house is symbolic of my cluttered head. Your house, and head, on the other hand, must feel calm and ordered.

  2. Jerome Bloom says:


    FOR ME.





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