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Using / finding Internet is a little trickier than I thought it would be. At least here in the very south of Japan so posts have been sporadic. Sumimasen. On Sunday we drove to Kagoshima-shi and explored Sakurajima, the most … Continue reading

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Single Malts on a singular day

Tasting Japanese single malts on this singular day started out with a wet morning walk to a very old and mossy samurai shinto temple, lunch at a teahouse with IB’s “J” mom and another student from the adult English class … Continue reading

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A little Japan before Japan

We leave tomorrow for Japan to visit IB. This morning JB and I visited the Japanese Gardens at the Botanic Gardens, just as a little appetizer for the feast ahead. I can’t wait to see my son and have him … Continue reading

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All fired up

We have been waiting to burn our Constitution tests for some time now. Because we receive federal funding, we are to destroy the tests that the students take. I think it has something to do with students cheating, giving the … Continue reading

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A precise and final landing for an unspared sparrow

Between the running of many errands today— specifically between the purchasing of some organic candied ginger at Whole Foods and running into an old student of mine who now, as a grown man, is a screen writer— this sparrow begged … Continue reading

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57 miles from home

57 miles from home our 2000 Toyota Camry turned 180,000 miles old. A lot of distance traveled. A lot of road covered. Many unanticipated journeys and adventures. A dusty and streaked dashboard. Mileage per gallon not quite what it used to be. But the motor is … Continue reading

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“Love Poem” by Donald Hall

When you fall in love, you jockey your horse into the flaming barn. You hire a cabin on the shiny Titanic. You tease the black bear. Reading the Monitor, you scan the obituaries looking for your name. xxxxxxxx “Love Poem” by Donald … Continue reading

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Pomelo oasis

I love grapefruits, especially ruby reds. I love that composite sweet and sour taste. The flavor is complex, like a rich red wine. But it is also intense. I sometimes feel like I need to be “ready” to eat a … Continue reading

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The Book Surgeon

Brian Dettmer, using the precision knives of a surgeon, carves books one page at a time, removing pieces to reveal a new inner life. The text and images thus uncovered take on new forms and provocative meanings. As a book … Continue reading

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