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Graduation at Sendai-Chuo

These are some of IB’s students (who are looking at him) just after elementary school graduation (6th grade). They are just about to gather with the rest of the graduates for a group picture. The rest of the elementary students … Continue reading

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Surprise wabi sabi found at the ocean

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Wabi sabi

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Using / finding Internet is a little trickier than I thought it would be. At least here in the very south of Japan so posts have been sporadic. Sumimasen. On Sunday we drove to Kagoshima-shi and explored Sakurajima, the most … Continue reading

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Single Malts on a singular day

Tasting Japanese single malts on this singular day started out with a wet morning walk to a very old and mossy samurai shinto temple, lunch at a teahouse with IB’s “J” mom and another student from the adult English class … Continue reading

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A little Japan before Japan

We leave tomorrow for Japan to visit IB. This morning JB and I visited the Japanese Gardens at the Botanic Gardens, just as a little appetizer for the feast ahead. I can’t wait to see my son and have him … Continue reading

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