Moving sushi

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5 Responses to Moving sushi

  1. Amazing but not surprising! Looks quite delicious. How do they keep it fresh? How do they know how to charge you? What if you wait to see everything available and then it gets taken by someone else before it comes around again? Do you have to walk with it while you are eating it? Do you take it to your table or are you sitting at a counter as it passes you?

    • jyourist says:

      Ha, so many questions….you sit in a booth. If you want the food, you grab it. Prices are figured out by the color of the plate. At the end of your meal you stack all the colors together into a tall tower. A. Waitress comes by and tallies the plates to give you your bill. You can also order sushi by handing the chefs an order on a piece of paper. Each table also has a hot water fountain so you can make your own tea.

  2. And… one more question after Michael’s litany. What did you eat???

  3. The only real queation.

  4. Jerome Bloom says:


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