Three winter lessons

1. Geese ice skate.

A bunch of geese were at the shore. JB said he would sneak up and to have my camera ready so I could capture them in flight. And I did get a few good shots. But what amazed us was once they landed, they skidded and then as they walked on the ice, they would slide, take a step and slide. Maybe the temperature was just warm enough for there to have been a slick layer of water on top of the ice. Maybe JB slipped a shot of kahlua into my morning coffee.

2. Ice spiders

They were all over the place. I know there is some scientific reason for them to exist– substances near the surface of the ice that might absorb more heat, like a rock or some algae, perhaps a shallow area in the water or an underground heat source, but what an amazing phenomena. Like dendrites or neurons.

3. There is lots of color in winter.

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3 Responses to Three winter lessons

  1. Never knew Ice spiders existed! A new find for me!!

  2. The color, wow. No color here, just covered in whiteness.

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