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Just in case you missed it….

He has my vote (as if there were any question otherwise). ( In case the video above is not working, click here.)

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At the nexus between night and day

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“Hunger for Something” by Chase Twichell

Sometimes I long to be in the woodpile, cut-apart trees soon to be smoke, or even the smoke itself, xxxxx sinewy ghost of ash and air, going wherever I want to, at least for a while. xxxxx Neither inside nor … Continue reading

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Handsome and beautiful

Since my mother’s last three health crises, she has begun to call me handsome and my sister beautiful. I tease my mother about this all the time. It makes us laugh. My sister is, in fact, truly very beautiful, both … Continue reading

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Life is good

The snow started just after lunch. I left school early, about 2:45. Didn’t make it home until almost 6:00. Over three hours in the car. Moving at a snail’s pace from Hyde Park to downtown. Got to almost 20mph around … Continue reading

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The Finnish Line

Every three years the PISA survey, conducted by the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development), compares the levels of reading, math, and science literacies of 15 year olds world-wide. Students in Finland are racking up the highest scores, beating out Hong Kong, Singapore, … Continue reading

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Nothing standardized about this teacher– or about this series

For the last week, some of my more hip students have been asking me if I have ever seen Portlandia. I’m not much of a TV watcher. Ever since Northern Exposure went off the air, I have not watched much … Continue reading

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