Roses are red….

Parent/ teacher/ student conferences are happening next Monday and each individual 7th and 8th grade student is responsible for leading their own. They are in charge of letting parents and their advisor (me) know how they are doing in each subject area– their strengths, challenges, and plans to improve as well as issues outside of class with other peers or teachers. This February conference is also to include discussion of their plans for high school.

I always have the students prepare for this conference by writing me a letter about what is happening in their life right now. Today I encouraged them to think about all the pressures, expectations, hopes, struggles, ambitions, and challenges of the year up till now, as well as looking ahead to their last few months as 8th graders and beyond.

The weather was extraordinarily warm today (over 50 degrees). The false sense of spring in the air was very nearly convincing. I didn’t even bother putting my coat on when I left work and half expected the paletero to be out in front of the school selling his frozen arroz con leche.

When I got home I shared chicken soup and baked apples with JB. With my belly and my soul pleasantly full, I sat down to read their letters—

The state of my education is strong. I have As in most of my classes, and those that I don’t are those that are the least crucial in my education.

Art is cool. It’s nice to learn about perception and stuff.

Science is fun most of the time, except for when it’s not.

I could conceivably get all As or even 100%s in my classes, but I would rather have more balance in my social, extracurricular, and personal life.

I will try to get an A in Humanities this semester, but if I don’t, it’s not the end of the world.

I actually think I would be a good writer if I didn’t have to do so much of it.

Math used to come so easily to me. Is it my hormones?

I am excelling in music, gym, and drama, which isn’t saying a whole lot, is it? Did I mention that I’m pretty good at lunch too?

I tried getting real good grades for a few weeks or so, but I could feel that it was detracting from all other aspects of my life.

Drama is OK, but not fun. I got an A on my first presentation, but that was because I was playing a shy child, which I am.

I need to be more focused and spend less time with my friends and more time doing my work. Arghhh, it’s so hard to pull away from my friends! They are so addictive!


I love my job.

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