Past, Present, Future

In extended advisory this morning, the students were talking about my son who they know is now teaching in Japan. He had just snail-mailed us letters from some of his students in Japan and we were discussing the logistics of writing them back, the old-fashioned pen pal way. TD mentioned that Japan was 15 hours ahead so that actually my son was living in the future. “Wow,” I said. “Maybe we ought to ask him what the future is like.” And we did. Right then.

We walked over to the B School for a breakfast treat (on me because I forgot to assign a group to bring breakfast today). We sat in the beautiful atrium, sharing stories about what their parents did for a living and projecting what their future might hold in college. The time flew by. It was time to head back to school and class to begin. Just by chance, I decided to check my email before we left. Sure enough, IB (where it was almost midnight) had responded to the email:

There is a spoonful of fresh tea leaves, locally grown, brewing in pot for one. The pot itself was made by hand, much like the future in which it exists. It is a surprisingly mild day for December, and the leaves are still clinging to the trees.
The future is bright and full of hope. Something sweet lies ahead as well. Whether sweet in mouth or sweet in heart is up to you, or fate, whichever comes first.
The future is also full of rest, so that the work of today can continue tomorrow, and that is just where I am headed.
I like sharing the future with you. How is it reliving the past? The sky was beautiful today, you are lucky to still be experiencing it!
and some tea leaves.
The students were thrilled to get a response from him and said he sounded just like me. “You taught him well,” FG said.
About an hour later, I received a follow-up email from IB:
It may seem obvious, but the following just occurred to me…
Together, we are experiencing the past, present, and future, simultaneously.
Today was an awesome day. Our world became larger, our work less tedious, our connections more fulfilling. My students and my son even dearer to me than when my day began.
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4 Responses to Past, Present, Future

  1. ClaireMcA says:

    What a wonderful experience for you all, very moving and life affirming.

  2. Not to be evaluating a series of wonderfully amazing blogs, THIS one might be the most amazing and the most moving! Your blog mad my day.

  3. Mrs. Chili says:

    My life is richer for having you in it. Thank you.

  4. Jerome Bloom says:










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