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More clarity in the morning

Parent / teacher/ student conferences today. Intense and challenging meetings. One right after the other. All day long. The students lead these conferences and mostly they were able to clearly articulate their goals and share how their year is going … Continue reading

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Hipstamatics around the house

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Holding hands and spinning

In our last advisory, one of my students brought madeleines for breakfast. I, of course, shared that the taste of madeleines was the inspiration for Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. This singular taste of the madeleine (and a cup of … Continue reading

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“Phone Therapy” by Ellen Bass

I was relief, once, for a doctor on vacation and got a call from a man on a window sill. This was New York, a dozen stories up. He was going to kill himself, he said. I said everything I … Continue reading

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Beautiful inside and out

I’m not what you would call a fashion queen, though I do have my own distinct quality in how I dress. In fact, I am more like an anti-fashion queen. I sport a kind of world, folky, ethnic style. I … Continue reading

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Objects in the mirror are much closer than they appear

This has actually been quite a full weekend. Actually beyond full, into the realm of overly sated. It began with The Goran Bregovic concert on Friday night, breakfast with a visiting family member early Saturday morning, a bar mitzvah later … Continue reading

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Goran Bregovic

Just got back from a Goran Bregovic concert at Symphony Center in Chicago, formerly known as Orchestra Hall. The concert was enthusiastic and a bit wild, high energy. Bregovic’s sound is an amazing amalgam of Serbian traditional (where he is … Continue reading

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All kinds of harvest here…

JB’s retirement has brought all sorts of delicious perks to our relationship, especially the enthusiastically prepared new recipes he has been making for dinner lately. What a treat to come home to some new healthy gourmet creation after an intense … Continue reading

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Otherwise there are no journeys

In the office I bumped into a colleague who shared with me her take on a very intense meeting that occurred the afternoon before. There was plenty to rail about: non-clarity of expectations, conflict of values and priorities, abused feelings, … Continue reading

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Don’t want to peak too early

So, I’m talking with CS today, telling him how smart he is, how sensitive he is to the nuances of complex ideas. I continue that he is able to communicate intricacies and observations with facileness and that he is flexible … Continue reading

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